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Struggling with turning your Amazon business into a profitable one? We take Amazon businesses to next level in just 45 days.

We have provided Amazon Seller Consulting Services to more than 40 Amazon sellers.

We have mastered every skill required by the Amazon Seller Consultant for success of the clients.
We are the Amazon Marketing Agency that can help you succeed in Amazon FBA Selling.
As an adept Amazon Marketing Agency, The SalesPusher team has given their blood and sweat to the Amazon eco-system so that our clients don't have to. Amazon marketplace is not only about selling a product but it's also about making customers happy. A legit listing of products for your Amazon FBA business dependably keeps customers’ expectations rational, which makes the buyer happy as they always get what was anticipated by them, and, it helps in lowering the returns. Reviews are the most important aspect on Amazon, we are a team of experienced Amazon Seller Consultants who have extensive experience in spinning negative reviews into positive ones.
Product Image is the first step from where a customer’s interest generates, creating informative and impactful images of the products is one of the crucial driving factors.
Web presence is another vertical which most of the people underestimate, creating an informative website about your products is another distinct advantage that helps in pushing sales.
Every 3rd person on this planet is on social media whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. Creating engaging posts on social media will surely help to boost sales. As part of our amazon marketing services, we can help you with all this and even more..

Amazon Product Research

We will find a product for you that will sell fast on Amazon that is in demand and with a great opportunity to generate profits. We are a team of experienced Amazon seller consultants who will help you in finding successful and profitable products.
  • Suggestions for trending products.
  • Suggestions for fast moving products.
  • Recommendations according to your budget.
  • Price Point decision making.
  • High yielding returns using Sponsored Amazon Ads and Coupons.
  • Product Sourcing – End to end sourcing of importing of products.

Product Listings

Cataloging with deep technical analysis to make sure that the customer will fall in love with your product. It's a part of our Amazon marketing services.
  • Keyword-driven content to fetch more sales.
  • Engaging content to generate customer interest.
  • Product photography for capturing the finest details. We use an international award-winning photographer.
  • A+ listings for clear intent and use of products.
  • Description with better readability.
  • Keyword Stuffing in description and bullet points.

Review Management

A Product’s actual value is made up of Brand, Customer Reviews and the Product itself, as an Amazon Marketing Agency, we will make sure you will stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Product Q&A management.
  • Proactive Customer Support.
  • Strategy implementation for 5-Star Reviews.
  • Product packaging suggestions.
  • Implementation of techniques to increase product amongst in buyers.
  • We will help you to achieve lower order returns.

Amazon PPC Campaign Management

We handle Amazon PPC campaigns to make the most out of every penny spent on Amazon Sponsored Ads. With our Amazon Certified professionals, we make sure you get the best results and nothing less.
  • Campaign Optimizations by Deep Understanding of Data.
  • Use of Bulk Sheet Method for Maintenance.
  • Bid Optimization for Better Reach.
  • Sponsored Keyword and Product Targetting Ads.
  • Optimal Leveraging of Sponsored Brand for Awareness.
  • Sponsored Display Ads for Retargetting.

Website Development & Social Media Engagement

Customers put 50% more trust into brands which have a website where they can fallback for after-sales support, Indians spend 70% time on social media while on the Internet. With a strong understanding of the website and social media ecosystem, we will chalk out a rock-solid strategy for achieving your sales goals.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handling.
  • Creative Social Media Posts.
  • Designing creative videos for showcasing products.
  • Website Design and Development.
  • E-commerce Portal for selling on your own website.
  • Paid Ads for high traffic.
Product Research

Not everything sells on Amazon. Sell a product that goes out of stock at a lightning speed. We will do product research on Amazon for you and come up with the best profitable products.


Cataloguing is the foundation of the product. Stronger the foundation is, stronger would be your sales. We do crisp content writing for your products, professional product photography by international award-winning photographers and we also use keywords appropriately in the content.

Product Guardianship

SalesPusher will take full ownership of the product to increase the brand value and ultimately, the sales. We add value to your product by providing pro-active customer support and by instilling more confidence in your brand. Product reviews are the ears and eyes of your potential customers. We ensure the customers always have a positive outlook by managing the reviews.Product reviews are ears and eyes of your potential customers, we ensure the customers always have a positive outlook by managing reviews.

Website and Social Media Management

Research says 75% of customers look for a product website and search products or brands on social media. SalesPusher will build stunning websites and impactful posts for creating a buzz about your product.

Sales Pusher team is a unique team providing Amazon Marketing Service with Website Development and Social Media Management.

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